Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Broadway Pizza and Grill

I'm posting this as a standalone because I failed to post about it in my last SoCal Eats review. If you're ever in Long Beach I highly recommend stopping by Broadway Pizza and Grill.

If you've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" you know what the owner of this place is like. The Greeks invented everything, and his knowledge of Greek history, no matter how wrong, is still more right than yours. But, don't argue with the man, he's a good guy and his food is excellent.

The tatziki is the best I've had outside of the Vegas Greek festival. He does what so many places should, but don't bother to do. He drains some of the moisture out of the cucumber and yogurt via cheesecloth. This makes for a thicker, tangier, more intensly flavoured tatziki.

His meat lovers pizza is greasy but oh so good. He uses real bacon too, which is so incredible it must be experienced. You'll never want Canadian "bacon" on your pizza again. I miss the pizza. I really do.

His pita is not like what you'd get in the local supermarket appearance wise, but it tastes like standard pita, and it's made fresh. Now, when I say standard pita, I mean the fresh stuff not the mass produced shipped across state lines variety that you often find.

The service is minimal, I mean it's a walk up and order, get your drink from the rack of fountains, and sit down with a number on your table kind of place. But, if the owner is around and feels like coming out and hanging out, which he did when I was there, you're in for a treat. If you know your food and he realizes that you truly appreciate his food, he'll start giving small samples of stuff for you to try.

The next time I'm in Long Beach, I'm definitely going back.

A Star Hidden in Dust

OK, I have to say, whomever was in charge of creating the trailer for Stardust should be shot. The trailer makes the movie look like utter drek. Trailers usually contain the best parts of a movie so as to better entice consumers into going to the theater. So, when the trailer looks hideous, one can only assume the movie will be as well.

This is not the case for Stardust. I haven't laughed like that in a while. The costuming was good, the acting was good, the dialogue and situations were good, the sets were nice, the effects were good. Pretty much everything was good. Nothing really spectacular, but nowadays you're lucky to get good across the board. There were really only two weak points. The story was a bit thrown together, things seemed to lurch slightly from one act to the other, but not so badly that it threw off everything else. The other weak point was what they did to the looks of the men in the town Wall. The man who played Humphrey is actually quite attractive but in the movie it looked like a drag queen did his hair and make-up. The main character is not at attractive man. Yes he looks better with the long hair later in the movie, but he's still not what most people would call handsome. Really, the movie would have done better if Tristan were played by the actor who played the young version of his father shown in the beginning of the movie.

What's also nice is the movie had a little bit for everyone. There's the romance for the chick flick fanatics, there's sword fighting for the action crew. There's political intrigue, can can, pirates, witches, high speed chases, dropping boobs, there's even a built in peanut gallery.

All that being said, this is really a highly entertaining, see with your friends, underrated movie. I think it was well worth the price of full admission. And I think it's a shame that a good movie like this is doing so poorly when a stinky pile of poo like Eragon did well.

Yeah, if you haven't seen Eragon yet, don't bother. You'll just end up wanting your money and the two hours of your life back. I'd go into detail about how terrible everything in Eragon was, but really, the movie is so bad it's not worth the effort to describe how bad.